Sweet Thangs: Student Reviews - Leslie B.

So sweet! I'm cryin' over here - one of my favorite parts of my job is empowering artists and women to fully use their voices in a multitude of ways to live their lives more passionately. 

Some praise for CAVENESS VOICE from my girl Leslie B.:

"I can't say enough good things about the amazing experience I've had--and the tangible results I'm reaping--from my vocal lessons with Tracey. In the time I've been learning from her, I've gone from a timid, untrained singer who didn't even know how to breathe correctly, to fronting my own band.  My bandmates still comment on the difference Tracey's coaching has made in my vocal ability--from tone, to pitch, to range, to confidence.  Tracey combines proven techniques with the street smarts that come from being an incredibly powerful singer in her own right and a performer with years of experience fronting enviably successful rock and alt-country bands. She is patient, funny, sweet, caring, intuitive, and just a fantastic teacher. She responds to all my questions between lessons, is always there when I need her, and has also become a fierce advocate for me--helping me assert myself and believe in my ability.

As a bonus, the CAVENESS community of Bay Area singers I've encountered is just a fantastic group of people. We all help each other and root for each other. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer looking to improve, Tracey is a huge asset.  My voice lessons with Tracey have truly been priceless, in that the difference I've seen in my own singing is worth more than I could ever pay her for her lessons. You won't regret singing up with CAVENESS and Tracey!"