Sweet Thangs: Student Reviews - Teresa T.

Some Yelp praise for CAVENESS VOICE from one of my longest, most hard-working, and most talented, determined students, Teresa T.:

If you're looking at this review right now, I'm going to guess that you love to sing and probably think that you're pretty good at it. And you probably are. So why bother taking voice lessons when you could audition for XYZ reality show and get super famous in a 12 week season?

Here's why!

You are probably singing incorrectly, unhealthily, or some combination of both. That really great brassy sound you get belting Aretha at Karaoke three beers in that makes your neck hurt?

Bad for you.

That vocal run that turns a little screechy when you sing early 90s Mariah in the shower, whistle tones and all?

Bad for you.

How do I know this? Because I've been there. I too abused my voice with ill-fated Karaoke choices because I too thought I had a "pretty good voice." And what I have learned after 3+ years of taking lessons with Tracey is that
- 'Pretty good voice' when used incorrectly = bad vocal cord health
- 'Pretty good voice' that can only do 2 things = pretty one-note singing (*rim shot*)
- 'Pretty good voice' that oversings = amateur hour

Tracey will take your flabby, lazy-ass technique honed by years of skating by on natural talent and call you out on it. In a nice and loving way but one that lets you know that you are better than that shit. And you will listen to her because she has the street cred to back it up between formal music school training and fronting the kickass Bay Area rock/soul band Vandella.

She has taken my block of marble of a voice and helped me sculpt it with the utmost thought and intention to make me into a stronger musician. She has helped me figure out what my evolving personal goals are as a singer, songwriter, and performer. I continually feel like I am improving with her guidance."