The Home of Caveness Voice: Haight Ashbury Music Store

I LOVE the Haight Ashbury Music Store. It's been the home of Caveness Voice (after, of course, my own home, where I *did* teach some of my earliest students in my living room - a couple of you remember this time!) for the past three years, and as the only resident vocal coach AND woman, these guys look out for me and have always been so supportive of my business and students. 

HAMC is a San Francisco legacy business, meaning it's been serving the community for 30+ years, and is considered a historical asset to the city. As someone who is a big believer in small business, living your dreams, and contributing in meaningful ways to the fabric of our individual communities, this distinction aligns perfectly with what Caveness is all about. I'm honored to get to support this shop, and the lovely, talented, and knowledgeable musicians who make their living here - in turn, they have housed Caveness and for that, I am eternally grateful.

So, for those of your curious to know about the larger space that Caveness calls home: 

Here's a fun little (guitar-heavy) video tour of HAMC!