Sweet Thangs: Student Reviews - Madeleine K.

Another lovely Yelp review, written by my brief, but lovely, student Madeleine K. 

Madeleine reached out to me serendipitously as I was running a special package promotion, as she needed a vocal coach to help her get singing-ready to sing a song at her wedding to her new husband. She told me her sister and maid of honor had convinced her to sing a rendition of "My Guy" at her reception - complete with background singing and a choreographed dance. Needless to say, I was sold!

Madeleine was a blast to work with, and all sources say she KILLED IT at her wedding. Here's what she had to say!:

"Tracey helped me grow my confidence and ability to sing a song to my husband at our wedding reception. She was incredibly supportive and flexible and really worked with me to get my voice where I wanted it to be. For someone who doesn't sing regularly, Tracey is a huge help and I really enjoyed working with her."