Sweet Thangs: Student Reviews - Liz K.

Some kind words from the lovely Liz, who's been with me for a few years now, participated in several Caveness showcases, and has started working on accompanying her singing with piano, now too.

So proud of how she's found her unique voice and become braver and bolder in sharing it. <3 

"I've been taking lessons from Tracey for about four years and I can't even begin to describe what a difference she has made in my life!  I've gone from being petrified of talking in a meeting or standing on a stage to feeling much more comfortable performing (or at least appearing to be comfortable, there's always some element of fear!).  I appreciate the community that Tracey has created for aspiring singers.  I've grown as a person because Tracey is inspirational and helps me set personal goals as a singer and musician.  I didn't think any of this was possible five years ago!  I highly recommend her as a teacher, life coach and all around amazing person to know."