Sweet Thangs: Student Reviews - Merrill B.

Merrill is one of my nearest and dearest students - and one of the most lovely singers, songwriters, and people I've had the pleasure of working with. Here are some sweet words from Ms. Merrill:

"I've seen Tracey at CAVENESS for a couple years now. Not only is she an incredible teacher, but lessons are just plain FUN because she's an amazing person to be around. She's able to translate vocal coaching techniques into relatable feedback. Whether you're just beginning or seasoned, Tracey has TONS to offer.

I've also had so many extra opportunities as a result of working with Tracey, from performance workshops, to open mics, to full blown shows. 

Another plus - for those interested in performing, she is in an awesome band and has great advice for being a musician in the bay area (from writing, performing, booking, promoting, etc). 

Life wouldn't be the same without my regular lessons - I always look forward to going."