Sweet Thangs: Student Reviews - Allegra R.

Totally overjoyed by this sweet review over the Holiday Break from my longtime student, Allegra. 

I started working with Allegra 3 years(!) ago, and in that time I have seen her absolutely come into her own as a singer, performer, and creative. Allegra has performed in several Caveness Showcases, and has not only conquered her stage fright in impressive and inspiring fashion, but has also started to step into more singing roles with fellow musicians, and into exploring more of her identity as an artist. We've worked realllly hard on restoring her head voice, and building a strong, well-balanced, and beautiful sound she fully embodies and owns. 

Aside from this, Allegra is just such a damn sparkling light to be around. She is one of my favorite people to teach and work with, because we get VERY philosophical in our lessons - wondering about the deeper pieces our voices unlock for us as creators, women, and human beings. 

Thanks for the love, Allegra! I love you to pieces, my dear. <3

"Tracey is incredible. If you're looking for personalized, thorough, genuinely helpful voice lessons in the Bay go no further!

I've been seeing Tracey for weekly lessons for about three years, and in that time my voice has grown so much stronger, and I've gotten to know a great community of singers. She is able to identify what to work on for your particular voice, and how to hone your individual style so your mechanics and technique improve but your sound is still uniquely yours - just a better version! She's incredibly welcoming and supportive, and will push you forward when she sees you're ready.

For those interested in performing Tracey is great at nurturing this skill (as a seasoned performer herself) and has helped me go from major stage fright to feeling confident in front of an audience. She creates opportunities to perform regardless of your level, and provides great guidance on how to pursue your performing goals.

I can't say enough good things about Tracey and Caveness Voice. If you're thinking about it, do it!"