Sweet Thangs: Student Review from Yoonha J.

So proud of my girl Yoonha J., who came to me as basically a beginner and left a STAR.

Yoonha absolutely brought down the house at the last Caveness showcase, and has finally released her debut single with her project, Nabi Air, titled “I Already Judged You.” It’s pretty cool, vibey, electronic vibes and I recommend you take a listen here.

Here’s what Yoonha had to say about her time at Caveness <3

“Tracey is an amazing teacher, and I'm forever grateful for how much she's helped me! She was my first voice teacher ever when I decided to get serious about music, and as someone who's never taken a voice lesson before, I was excited but scared about starting this journey. Tracey was super supportive and not only helped me build the foundational knowledge necessary but also helped me build enough confidence to perform in front of people. Highly recommend scheduling your first lesson with her if you're interested in improving your singing skills :)”