Saving the Most Valuable Teaching Tool -- Teachers' Voices

I’m currently dealing with the plague (aka a nasty cold that has morphed into a cough) and my voice is pretty hoarse- a pretty sticky problem for someone who makes their living with their…voice. Uh-oh. I ran across this article on teachers and some methods they can use to save their voices. My favorite part (aside from their correct spelling of vocal “cords” - as opposed to “chords”, one of my biggest pet peeves!) is this quote: “Teachers should think of themselves as vocal athletes, and should give their voices the same care and attention that athletes give their bodies.”

YES! I love this! I frequently am trying to get my students to think of their voices as a muscle, and to condition and care for their vocal cords as such. So, if you’re a teacher or someone who needs to use their speaking voice a lot during the day, or even just a chatty Cathy, take a look at this here article for some tips on preventing vocal tiredness before it happens. Hallelujah.