My Students Do Rad Things: Sadie

First things first: my student Sadie is way cooler than me. She’s also just started high school and has already released an EP and a single “Supposed To Be” with her best friend (and also a former student of mine!), Quinn, under Sadie and Quinn. She’s way cooler than me.

Earlier this summer, Sadie released her newest three-song EP, produced by my amazing soul-sister Katie Day, and recorded + mixed by Scott McDowell at Hyde Street Studios. So many badass/talented musicians played on this girl’s record - she’s so cool.

Check out Youniverse by Sadie and remember: she’s cooler than all of us.

My Students Do Rad Things: Baird & Beluga

So excited for my longtime voice student, Michael Downing, on his first single release with his new project, Baird & Beluga. I inherited Michael from my dear friend Jasmine of SongRise Studios, who worked with Michael for years before handing him over to me for continuing vocal work. Michael is such a talented, awesome dude, and this new duo layers gorgeous harmonies over beautiful, heartfelt songs. So proud to share their debut single, produced + mixed by my longtime musical collaborator, Scott McDowell of Hyde Street Studios.

So much community vibes, I love it! <3

My Students Do Rad Things: Oh The Nerve


Gosh, my students are go-getters. I have another one of my longtime (I think three years, now?!) students, Teresa Tuan, releasing her debut single with her band, newly-christened Oh The Nerve. A queer-feminist-soul band, Oh The Nerve has been a long time in the making. I remember Teresa showing me the first versions of these songs when we first started working together years ago, and I'm so proud of how far she's come in our time together. We've worked on the songs, her voice, and all the other little pieces about being a musician and navigating the music business, and she's always been incredibly tenacious, driven, and unyielding. I'm so glad to get to share her debut single + video for "Middle of the Bed," from her forthcoming EP, out in Fall 2018. Read all about it here on The Bay Bridged, and watch the awesome video below. 

Congratulations, Teresa & Oh The Nerve! <3

Student Showcase Videos - 4.19.18

Oh my goodness(!), the last Caveness Voice + SongRise Studios Student Showcase was SUCH a solid night of awesome talent. I was especially proud of all my singers, who were so professional, gave uniquely-them, dynamic performances, and brought the house DOWN. 

Here's a little sampling (along with a cameo by yours truly with Ms. Kristina Boyce) of Jessie Greger (of duo Mark + Jessie), Kristina Boyce, and Yoonha Jeong (of duo Nabi Air). 


A Night of Singers: April 19th @ Neck of the Woods SF!

April 19th | A Night of Singers | Neck of the Woods

So excited to present two first-time Caveness Showcase performers who are performing with their musical projects: Jessie Greger, (duo Mark & Jessie) and Yoonha Jeong (debuting her new original project, Nabi Air!). Longtime Caveness vet Kristina Boyce will also be gracing the stage. Presented alongside our sister studio, SongRise Studios, this is going to be one of our most eclectic showcases yet. 


Open Mic Field Trip!

I'm shamefully late in posting these (things have been B-U-S-Y over here at Caveness!), but I took a group of some of my awesome singers on a little "field trip" to a really great Open Mic held at Neck of the Woods in SF. Neck of the Woods is a great venue and supporter of local music; this is where Caveness holds most of our Student Showcases, and it has been a really valuable supporter of what we're doing to give new artists a platform for performance. 

Here are some little snippets of some of my most dedicated students! Liz Ward, Allegra Roberts, Michael Downing (Baird & Beluga / Redwood Skyline), Merrill Burch, and Sam Trusley. I'm so proud of all of them working towards developing their individual musical projects!

My Students Do Rad Things: Merrill Burch

Ms. Merrill says it best. So enormously proud of her for picking herself back up, and getting back on to the proverbial horse. I have so many thoughts on this - how we, and other people, are so harsh on ourselves as singers, and how we need to remember we're not robots; we're HUMAN. <3


"I’ve been singing and playing music now for about 7 years. Seeing Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers at High Sierra Music Festival back in 2010 inspired me to pick up a guitar and explore my voice. Since then I’ve always been a close follower of their music. A couple years ago, their rendition on In The Mountains by Sarah Siskind grabbed my attention. The three part harmonies and the simplicity of the arrangement are so beautiful. If you are not familiar, check out Sarah’s song as well as the version fromNicki. They are incredibly moving. This November, I went to a vocal workshop in Nashville with both my parents. The weekend was amazing and the final day included recording a song incorporating harmony parts with your assigned group (aka with my mom and dad) - we chose In The Mountains. I knew immediately during the recording session that I wasn’t feeling my vocals at all. I felt strained, wobbly, tired. All that was confirmed a few weeks later when I heard the recorded track. It’s interesting how just one snapshot in time can shake you. I felt like I had moved 10 steps backwards. But that’s what a snapshot is... One moment in time. And at that time, I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to re-record the song because I knew I could do better. There remains endless room for growth, and I definitely plan to keep exploring and (hopefully) improving. Here’s a snapshot, a moment in time. In The Mountains by Sarah Siskind, recorded at my parent’s house in Palo Alto this December."

My Students Do Rad Things: Carlo Prado - NY Music Box Live

Caveness is invading NYC!

Caveness Alumnus, and one of my favorite people ever, Carlo Prado, is making his New York vocal debut Oct. 26th @ The Five Spot as part of NY Music Box Live. 

Carlo debuted his original music from his forthcoming EP at the Caveness Showcase in August, and it was such a special honor to get to be instrumental in getting him up on that stage. Carlo is a natural as a performer, and a soulful singer and songwriter to boot. Being a part of his journey as an artist has been one of those great, deeply-fulfilling joys of Caveness Voice. It's moments like these, seeing my students out there in the world sharing their music, and fully-embodying their artistry, that Caveness is all about.

Wishing Carlo all the luck and love in his NY debut! <3