Caveness Voice can be summed up as a cross between two worlds:

Solid Vocal Technique applied to contemporary styles of vocalizing with a fresh/indie approach.

I'm uniquely-positioned as a Voice Teacher in that I have both formal training and education under my belt (I'm an alumnus of both Berklee College of Music and Musician’s Institute, from where I possess an Arts Degree in Voice/Vocal Performance), and am a bona-fide indie/DIY musician, having been singing for 22 years and working professionally as a vocalist, frontwoman, and songwriter for the past 10. I have an extensive and deep knowledge of vocal pedagogy & physiology, as well as the real-world chops and experience as a musician in the modern music business. I started teaching voice in 2006, feeling that there was a lack of teachers who focused on vocal technique as it pertains to more contemporary styles of music. I consider myself a Vocal Technician in that I think of my job as "getting in there and cleaning up" your voice: I come up with a customized plan for each singer in front of me to first diagnose any vocal issues or bad habits that are inhibiting you from singing the way you want to be, and then working to build, or re-build a solid, balanced, strong vocal mechanism that will serve you for a long time to come. I believe in debunking the mystery that can surround the voice, empowering students with the tools- and more importantly, the “why” behind them- so they can ultimately discover, gain control of, and feel free to express themselves in their own unique voice.



I offer high-level private voice lessons to address a range of topics and genres, tailored to suit and support your specific needs and goals, as follows:

Vocal Technique

I have an extensive knowledge of vocal pedagogy/physiology - basically, the "nuts and bolts" of how the voice works, and how proper singing and a strong voice with balanced and resonant tone is achieved. This allows me to relatively quickly and efficiently identify any vocal issues or areas in need of further development from the physical standpoint of your instrument - where and how you are straining, physically, in your instrument, and how we can re-learn better habits for more comfort, ease, and balanced tone while singing. I teach a lot of professional singers and fellow artists who are looking to deepen their vocal practice through solid technique and methods, but I also teach a fair amount of beginners who are unsure where to start. I welcome singers of all backgrounds, levels, and styles.

Styles / Genres

I am a firm believer in everyone's ability to not only learn to sing, but to find their unique voice. Whether for professional goals or personal fulfillment. I specialize in the following contemporary genres: rock / alternative / folk / pop / R&B / country / bluegrass / soul.

Performance / Performance Anxiety

As a frontwoman for several bands, I have a TON of performance experience under my belt. Seriously: I've played all manner and size of venues and gigs. As someone who has also dealt with Performance Anxiety, fostering and giving people a safe space to hone and practice Performance is something I am hugely passionate about. I offer a series of Performance Workshops, as well as Showcases where I work with each singer to curate a short set of songs and perform at a real venue, as part of a real show, for friends and family. These are some of the most rewarding parts of my work, and I have gotten many singers afflicted with stage fright up on a stage - and feeling not only confident, but feeling free in their ability to express themselves. I'm happy to answer any and all questions pertaining to Live Performance opportunities that I offer. 

Career/Artist Development

I work with many professional musicians who are looking to strengthen their vocals or improve a certain skill, such as singing harmonies, blending, fronting a band, etc, as well as aspiring artists who are just starting out. As a professional musician for the past 10 years, I've released 6 albums with 3 different musical projects, played countless shows, done a lot of session work, and managed my own musical projects, from launching a project, to recording, to booking and playing shows/tours, navigating the music business, bandleading, networking, musicianship, etc. I've pretty much done it all and have a lot of real-world, DIY insight that I pull from to help my students with career development/consulting, and artist development/management. I'm down for everyone to take over the world with their art! Let's do this!


I work with many singers and artists on songwriting, and feel I'm uniquely-positioned to help people who have always been singers, but maybe have no experience playing an instrument. As a vocalist first, I know that the approach to learning theory and songwriting can be a bit different than someone who has more of a working-knowledge of chords, melody, rhythm, and instrumentation because they play an instrument. I have worked with many of my students on learning basic theory and songwriting, arrangement, and composition concepts and techniques to get them to a place of feeling empowered to start writing their own original songs. I also work with other students on consulting and refining their songs, lyrically, melodically, and arrangement-wise to help hone their writing craft. Creativity, personal artistry and expression, finding one's sound, songwriting process, and dealing with such things as writer's block and creative blocks are also big parts of my work on songwriting. I like to think of my approach to songwriting as holistic and intuitive, with a helpful dose of music theory and technical aspects weaved-in, too.

Vocal Health / Healing

Singing is such a personal and vulnerable thing, and I am always so in awe of how powerfully it is tied to us and our emotions. Singing has been the greatest and deepest gift of my life, and I can speak firsthand at length about how much I know it bleeds into other areas of our lives when we feel we can express ourselves with our own voice. Sometimes my sessions end up taking on a very powerful, healing, therapeutic tone as students discover and learn to open up and free their voices. I am not a music therapist and am not trained nor accredited for such type of work, and am happy to refer anyone who is looking for more in-depth music therapy to any number of fabulous, trained music therapists in the Bay Area. However, if you're looking for an outlet to explore your voice, your creativity, your artistry; or to work on public speaking, self-confidence, or to just have a good time singing, I'd love to help you explore any or all of that!


My studio is located in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

Contact me directly at tracey@cavenessvoice.com for more info on lessons, or book below if you'd like to schedule a lesson with me. Looking forward to helping you reach your singing and creative goals!