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“Tracey is an amazing teacher, and I’m forever grateful for how much she’s helped me! She was my first voice teacher ever when I decided to get serious about music, and as someone who’s never taken a voice lesson before, I was excited but scared about starting this journey. Tracey was super supportive and not only helped me build the foundational knowledge necessary but also helped me build enough confidence to perform in front of people. Highly recommend scheduling your first lesson with her if you’re interested in improving your singing skills :)”
— -Yoonha J., Nabi Air
Tracey is amazing! I’ve been taking lessons with her for a few years now. She’s a teacher who loves teaching and is great at it. Very knowledgeable, nice (but willing to be critical), and oriented towards modern music. She has my highest recommendation- if you don’t believe me, ask all my friends that I’ve referred to her. Also she provides many great opportunities to play shows with other talented musicians, so she’s a great resource for learning to perform, and building up a musical life in SF.
— David K., independent musician & songwriter, pianist, "Elisa Sun"
Tracey is incredible. If you’re looking for personalized, thorough, genuinely helpful voice lessons in the Bay go no further!

I’ve been seeing Tracey for weekly lessons for about three years, and in that time my voice has grown so much stronger, and I’ve gotten to know a great community of singers. She is able to identify what to work on for your particular voice, and how to hone your individual style so your mechanics and technique improve but your sound is still uniquely yours - just a better version! She’s incredibly welcoming and supportive, and will push you forward when she sees you’re ready.

For those interested in performing Tracey is great at nurturing this skill (as a seasoned performer herself) and has helped me go from major stage fright to feeling confident in front of an audience. She creates opportunities to perform regardless of your level, and provides great guidance on how to pursue your performing goals.

I can’t say enough good things about Tracey and Caveness Voice. If you’re thinking about it, do it!
— Allegra R.
Tracey helped me grow my confidence and ability to sing a song to my husband at our wedding reception. She was incredibly supportive and flexible and really worked with me to get my voice where I wanted it to be. For someone who doesn’t sing regularly, Tracey is a huge help and I really enjoyed working with her.
— Madeleine K.
If you’re looking at this review right now, I’m going to guess that you love to sing and probably think that you’re pretty good at it. And you probably are. So why bother taking voice lessons when you could audition for XYZ reality show and get super famous in a 12 week season?

Here’s why!

You are probably singing incorrectly, unhealthily, or some combination of both. That really great brassy sound you get belting Aretha at Karaoke three beers in that makes your neck hurt?

Bad for you.

That vocal run that turns a little screechy when you sing early 90s Mariah in the shower, whistle tones and all?

Bad for you.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. I too abused my voice with ill-fated Karaoke choices because I too thought I had a “pretty good voice.” And what I have learned after 3+ years of taking lessons with Tracey is that
- “Pretty good voice” when used incorrectly = bad vocal cord health
- “Pretty good voice” that can only do 2 things = pretty one-note singing (*rim shot*)
- “Pretty good voice” that oversings = amateur hour

Tracey will take your flabby, lazy-ass technique honed by years of skating by on natural talent and call you out on it. In a nice and loving way but one that lets you know that you are better than that shit. And you will listen to her because she has the street cred to back it up between formal music school training and fronting the kickass Bay Area rock/soul band Vandella.

She has taken my block of marble of a voice and helped me sculpt it with the utmost thought and intention to make me into a stronger musician. She has helped me figure out what my evolving personal goals are as a singer, songwriter, and performer. I continually feel like I am improving with her guidance.
— Teresa T., independent musician & songwriter
Tracey is an incredible teacher! This was my first time taking vocal lessons and my voice transformed in months. She is great at making you feel comfortable while also holding you to high standards. She tailors your lessons to whatever you want to work on including song-writing, range, breathing, performing, etc. She is really well connected so you’ll meet other musicians (I started taking guitar lessons next door from her band mate!) She gave me the opportunity to perform and it really improved my confidence. I would recommend Tracey to anyone looking to work on vocal technique, especially if you’re interested in song-writing and performing.
— Rachel S., teacher & songwriter
I’ve been taking lessons from Tracey for about four years and I can’t even begin to describe what a difference she has made in my life! I’ve gone from being petrified of talking in a meeting or standing on a stage to feeling much more comfortable performing (or at least appearing to be comfortable, there’s always some element of fear!). I appreciate the community that Tracey has created for aspiring singers. I’ve grown as a person because Tracey is inspirational and helps me set personal goals as a singer and musician. I didn’t think any of this was possible five years ago! I highly recommend her as a teacher, life coach and all around amazing person to know.
— Liz K., therapist, vocalist, pianist
I can’t say enough good things about the amazing experience I’ve had—and the tangible results I’m reaping—from my vocal lessons with Tracey. In the time I’ve been learning from her, I’ve gone from a timid, untrained singer who didn’t even know how to breathe correctly, to fronting my own band. My bandmates still comment on the difference Tracey’s coaching has made in my vocal ability—from tone, to pitch, to range, to confidence. Tracey combines proven techniques with the street smarts that come from being an incredibly powerful singer in her own right and a performer with years of experience fronting enviably successful rock and alt-country bands. She is patient, funny, sweet, caring, intuitive, and just a fantastic teacher. She responds to all my questions between lessons, is always there when I need her, and has also become a fierce advocate for me—helping me assert myself and believe in my ability.

As a bonus, the CAVENESS community of Bay Area singers I’ve encountered is just a fantastic group of people. We all help each other and root for each other.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer looking to improve, Tracey is a huge asset. My voice lessons with Tracey have truly been priceless, in that the difference I’ve seen in my own singing is worth more than I could ever pay her for her lessons. You won’t regret singing up with CAVENESS and Tracey!
— Leslie B., independent musician & songwriter, "Lucy & the Long Haul"
I’ve seen Tracey at CAVENESS for a couple years now. Not only is she an incredible teacher, but lessons are just plain FUN because she’s an amazing person to be around. She’s able to translate vocal coaching techniques into relatable feedback. Whether you’re just beginning or seasoned, Tracey has TONS to offer.

I’ve also had so many extra opportunities as a result of working with Tracey, from performance workshops, to open mics, to full blown shows.

Another plus - for those interested in performing, she is in an awesome band and has great advice for being a musician in the bay area (from writing, performing, booking, promoting, etc).

Life wouldn’t be the same without my regular lessons - I always look forward to going.
— Merrill B., independent musician, songwriter, "Merrill Burch" & "Burch Family Band"