1. Caveness was the stage name of my beloved grandmother, Pamela Caveness: a songstress,  a muse, a Bette Davis protege, a strong-willed woman, a bawdy & hilarious entertainer, and a woman of kaleidoscopic talents.

My voice and teachings are impacted by her in myriad ways; this is a nod to her.

2. “Caveness” is a play on the word “cavernous”: like a cavern in size, shape, and atmosphere; giving the impression of vast, dark depths.

Basically, all the things we want our voices to be: vast, immense, expressive, wholly unique.


Caveness Voice is more than just singing lessons – it’s an ethos. Part voice studio, artistic hub, and contemporary school of vocalizing, Caveness Voice is the studio of SF-based singer, songwriter, and frontwoman Tracey Holland. The studio offers private voice lessons, workshops, and showcases in a wide range of genres including rock, soul, folk, R&B, blues, indie, country, and pop, and specializes in contemporary vocal technique, performance, performance anxiety, songwriting, and artistic & career development. Holland has been singing for over 20 years and is both a professionally trained contemporary singer (she’s an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, and possesses a degree in Voice/Vocal Technique/Vocal Performance from Musician’s Institute) and a self-sustaining musician and songwriter – a unique combination that she taps into for a hybrid of solid vocal technique with a decidedly indie approach. A knowledgeable vocal technician, Holland focuses on a “ground-up” approach to students’ voices, with an emphasis on bringing out each singer’s unique sound – strengthening what’s working, identifying what isn’t, and helping students to re-learn proper vocal technique for strong, healthy, and free voices. Lessons are in-depth and customized to each student’s personal and professional goals, with a trove of real-world knowledge and experience to sift through, coupled with a heavy dose of passion, support, and freedom.